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Today, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composites are the material of choice for a multitude of applications. Composites are improving our world and benefiting our daily lives by giving us products that are lighter, more durable and better for our environment. FRP offers a flexible solution with the advantage of being able to select just the right combination of fiber reinforcement and resin type to meet the required specifications for the finished product.

More and more, FRP composites are the answer to difficult problems that are not easily or effectively remedied by conventional materials. FRP offers excellent solutions in applications where weight, corrosion, shape complexity, radio frequency transparency and electrical conductivity are an issue. ComposiCon is your sole source for high quality FRP. We provide material sales, fabrication, and associated services beneficial to a broad range of applications. Custom molded products, FRP and wood molds, pattern making and structural fabrication services are available from ComposiCon, as well as FRP project-related conventional material fabrication in wood, steel and aluminum. We also provide design, engineering and drafting services for FRP specific projects.

We have solved problems for customers in the fields of construction, communications, recreation, marine, energy, transportation, waste and water treatment and agriculture. From fabricated items, such as FRP cellular antenna enclosures and radomes, handrail & fencing systems, tanks, architectural panels and ornamentation, church crosses, domes, precast concrete molds and window frames to Strongwell pultruded structural shapes & plates, we provide the highest quality fiberglass products available.

In addition, ComposiCon is a major supplier of FRP pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicular bridges. FRP bridges are lightweight, require little to no maintenance, and are especially suited for remote sites where installation by heavy equipment is impossible.

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